Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pretty Good Flight

I had a feeling today would be a good one. Our last overcast day with SE winds and warm (ish) temperatures had some good numbers, and today was better. Things slowed down after the first few hours but it turned into a sunny rain-free day.

Weather: Cloudy most of the day, eventually the sun broke through. Temperatures into the mid 50s, with SE wind up to 18 mph. Rain was in the forecast but never showed.

Waterbird Count: 646 scaup, along with 78 greater scaup. Also 80 red-necked grebes, 54 common loons, 47 RB mergansers, 24 common mergansers, 22 American widgeon, 20 sandhill cranes. Also thrown into the mix were 14 bufflehead, 10 northern pintail, 7 horned grebes, 3 blue-wing teals, 2 northern shovelers, 2 gadwall, 2 great-blue herons, 1 WW scoter and 1 lone mallard.

Shorebirds: 1 killdeer

Other Sightings: Again lots of hawks. I saw a lot of rough-legged, red-tail and sharpies. Also an immature bald eagle.

Tomorrow doesn't look too promising. Possible rain the AM turing into a partly cloudy day. Temperatures only into the low 40s. The problem is going to be the NW winds 15-25 mph, which will very likely lead to a drop off from today. The loons may continue pushing through but I'll bet the other waterfowl will take the day off.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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Anonymous said...

I am going to come up to the Point for this week-end. I hope Saturday weather will be better for the birds. I am with Mi. Loon Preservation Association and hope to see a good number of loons!