Monday, April 27, 2009

Finally Some Activity

Today started slow, but soon after the first hour ducks started flying every which way. Visibility was limited today by occasional fog, so many went unidentified but they were at least counted.

Weather: Cloudy all day, with only a light rain the last 90 minutes. Very strong SE wind most of the day.

Waterbird Count: A lot of high fliers off in the foggy horizon today, resulting in 73 identified ducks. Other notable numbers were 48 common mergansers, 43 RB mergansers, 41 scaup species, 33 common loons, 28 greater scaup, 20 lesser scaup, 12 double-crested cormorants, 12 gadwall, and 12 red-throated loons. There were some other lower numbers for other species, mostly locals counted as the first of the day.

Other Sightings: Not much aside from hawks. Saw plenty of rough-leggeds making their way across the bay, and tons of sharpies as usual. I had a merlin as well, and an adult bald eagle perched on the tip for a few minutes. There was also a glaucous gull on the beach early in the day.

Forecasts lately have proven to be a little off, though I'm certainly not complaining. I hope this isn't the case for tomorrow however, which looks to be mostly sunny, temps in the upper 40s. A NW wind 10-15 mph could make things difficult for the waterbirds but we'll see.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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