Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another slow one

Things were pretty quiet on the waterfowl migration front. It was a very chilly morning accompanied by a tough wind out of the east. The easterly winds stayed strong the first 4 hours of the count, conditions did gradually improve for the final few hours.

Weather: Partly to mostly cloudy, cold, temperatures started in the high 20s and reached the mid 40s. Strong wind from the E for half the day, and sunnier as the day went on.

Waterbird Count: Had a few stragglers from the 2000+ sandhill crane flight the other day, and one flock of Canada geese decided to brave the winds in the second hour. Overall 85 sandhills, 49 Canada geese, 8 common loons, 8 LT ducks, 7 common mergansers, 4 RB mergansers.

Other Sightings: During the quiet hours today I scanned the groups of gulls for anything interesting, but came up with only ring-billed and herring. Probably saw more sharp shinned hawks today than waterbirds, and kestrels seemed active again. Also 4 ships today, a high so far.

Forecast for tomorrow is grim. Rain and snow mix all day, with temperatures in the high 30s. Strong winds from the E again at 15-25 mph. Feel free to drop by with hot chocolate and anything else warm. I'll be the guy huddled in the shack a short distance up the beach.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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Lissa said...

I wish I was closer.I'd bring you hot chocolate and cookies!