Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yes, you have the right blog, and that is indeed a picture. I didn't take it but never the less a common loon for your viewing pleasure.

Waterbird movement was better today, but not by much. I had one large flock of grebes and a decent loon count, but I was expecting a better day with SE winds and warm temperatures.

Waterbird Count: 40 RN grebes, 31 common loons, 12 common mergansers, 8 double-crested cormorants, 7 RB mergansers, 2 American widgeon, 2 sandhill cranes, 1 mallard.

Shorebirds: First tern of the year, 1 Caspian tern.

Other Sightings: Hawks flying all over place today. Red tails and sharpies were very active. Once again a lot of northern flickers around the sharpie sticks, but otherwise a quiet day on the tip.

Tomorrow might be a good day. Weather forecast isn't great, with clouds and 60% chance of showers. However temperatures will reach 50, and the wind will be coming from the SE at 10-15 mph. The last day like this was our best yet, so I'm cautiously optimistic it will be an active day.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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