Saturday, April 18, 2009

Tough day to be migrating waterfowl...

..or the guy counting them. Cloudy day started with a drizzle that turned into a steady rain for most of the day. The skies cleared up by the 8th hour, however by then there was a stiff wind coming from the NE. Some movement in the early hours but overall a slow day.

Weather: Cloudy, with periods of limited visibility. Temperatures in the high 30s, steady rain and wind from the NE.

Waterbird Count: 60 Canada geese, 42 mallards, 40 LT ducks, 26 common mergansers, 24 northern pintail, 6 common goldeneye, 5 RB mergansers, 2 white-winged scoters, 2 common loons, 1 hooded merganser. Also 14 unidentified ducks.

Other Sightings: Merlin and yellow-bellied sapsucker on the merlin pole in the morning. American kestrels seem awfully active today. Could be I just haven't spotted them until now, but there were several perched on the beach's snags and logs all day.

Forecast for tomorrow is most cloudy skies turning to partly cloudy as the day goes on. Temperatures close to 50, with wind from the E at 10-20 mph. Also a 20% chance of rain.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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