Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bad Weather Didn't Spoil the Day

Despite pretty crummy weather it was a good day all around. We had a good amount of people out birding for spring fling despite the rain, and we had some nice birds.

Weather: Cloudy all day, with rain off and on. Temperatures in the 30s with a stiff wind out of the NW.

Waterbird Count: We had an exciting morning with more variety than I've seen since I started on 4/15. Leading the way today were the common loons with 27. Following the loons were 22 scaup (sp), 16 common goldeneye, 12 red-necked grebes, 9 common mergansers, 5 mallards, 4 bufflehead, 3 horned grebes, 3 great blue herons, 2 American widgeon, 2 northern pintail, 2 red-throated loons, 1 wood duck, 1 Canada goose, 1 double-crested cormorant, 1 blue-wing teal. Also 7 ducks with no ID.

Other Birds: I'm getting spoiled now by the snowy owls, we had our 3rd today since 4/20. Leonard first spotted this one around 7am, and it stayed on the point all day. At times it was huddled down behind a snag to get out of the wind, but most of our spring fling guests got a good look. Also two short-eared owls passed by the point early in the morning, struggling a bit with the wind, and around 8 lapland longspurs. An avocet (quite and oddball around here) was spotted around the harbor, WPBO sightings blog has a nice picture.

Forecast for tomorrow isn't too bad. Cloudy, with a 50% chance of rain. East winds 15-25 mph. Things are supposed to clear up by Tuesday so only two more days of clouds and rain until I catch a break.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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