Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Next to Nothing

I can't say much about today, except that I counted under 30 birds for the entire 8 hours.

Weather: Sunny all day, temperatures in the low 40s, with a NW wind 10-12 mph.

Waterbird Count: 11 double-crested cormorants, 8 common loons, 3 red-necked grebes, 1 red-throated loon, 1 common merganser, 1 RB merganser.

Other Sightings: Northern flickers were active again in the morning. I counted a maximum of 12 individuals at one time. A few bald eagles made their way over the beach, as well as a golden eagle later in the day. No shortage of sharpies and red tails either.

Just one of those days I guess. The wind certainly was not helping but there was hardly anything in the water today as well. We're almost into May now, so I don't predict many more of these slow days.

Forecast for tomorrow is mostly sunny, with temperatures into the 50s, and an ESE wind 10-20 mph. Looks like I should be in for a more exciting day tomorrow, but one can never really tell.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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