Friday, May 1, 2009

A Day to Forget

White-throated sparrow that flew into the shack today. One of the few birds I saw all day.

Today was not a good one. Very strong NW winds, clouds, and occasional rain contributed to thoroughly miserable conditions. The waterfowl sat this one out and I don't blame them.

Weather: Cloudy, with occasional rain. Strong winds quickly shifted from the SW to NW. The wind was pretty consistently blowing at 15 mph and gusts must have come close to 30. Temperatures in the low 40s. It did clear up by the end of the count.

Waterbirds: 11 Sandhill cranes, 5 horned grebes, 3 red-necked grebes, 3 RB mergansers, 2 common loons, 2 bufflehead, 2 greater scaup, 1 red-throated loon. One more comment on the waterbirds today: I saw more common loons (4) and RB mergansers (4) going in the opposite direction.

Shorebirds: 1 killdeer

Other Sightings: 3 bald eagles. One adult that perched on the point for about 30 minutes, and looked about as annoyed with the weather conditions as I was. Two immature balds were fighting over some food the first hour. Also a merlin and kestrel. Then of course there was my visitor pictured above. This little guy must have thought I looked lonely in the shack seeing as he flew right in while I was writing some notes in my book. I'm just glad I made it out without getting pooped on.

Looks the winds are going to shift tomorrow. Forecast is for clouds, temperatures in the upper 40s and a 30% chance of a "few" showers. They were initially saying winds from the SW, but checking forecast again now it says W. Looks like it could be a toss up tomorrow.

Andy N
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