Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 2 Brings More Birds to Count

Day 2 was more exciting. A modest morning was followed by a slow few hours, and then a huge charge by the sandhill cranes. A few other sightings along with the cranes (including a great blue heron and glacous gull) rounded out a very nice day.

Weather: Sunny, clear, with temperatures in the high 50s and an occasional light breeze out of the SE.

Waterbird Count: Sandhill cranes led the way with 753 counted. Also 135 Canada geese, 40 northern pintail, 17 red-necked grebes, 12 mallards, 4 RB mergansers, 3 LT ducks, 3 common goldeneye, 2 common mergansers, 2 bufflehead, 2 common loons, 1 herring gull and 1 great blue heron.

Other Sightings: A flock of American robins made an appearance for the 2nd straight morning, this time numbering 52. We spotted 11 northern flickers, a pileated woodpecker, eastern phoebe, and a glaucous gull on the roof of a building on the harbor. Also 2 bald eagles and a dark morph rough-legged hawk along with numerous red-tailed and sharp shinned.

Leonard counted 273 more sandhill cranes after the count making the total for the 8 hours plus the DET 1005.

Forecast for tomorrow is partly cloudy skies, temperatues in the high 50s with WSW winds 5-10 mph.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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