Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weather Improved, Waterbirds Unimpressed

Despite good weather today it was slow again. We did get a few firsts for the spring, including red-throated loons and a horned grebe.

Weather: Mostly sunny all day, temperatures into the 40s with light wind that started from the NW and shifted to the SE by days end.

Waterbird Count: A few flocks of sandhill cranes took advantage of the nice weather, 118 were counted. Also had 8 LT ducks, 6 northern pintail, 4 common goldeneye, 3 common mergansers, 3 RB mergansers, 2 red-necked grebes, 2 red-throated loons, 2 Canada geese, and 1 horned grebe.

Other Sightings: Fairly inactive day all around. John called in 4 golden eagles around 10am, Leonard was kind enough to cover for me while I went the parking lot to catch a glimpse. Towards the end of the day I had a sharpie, red-tail and kestrel. I also had my first birds fly into the shack today. Chris told me this happens from time to time but it was still quite the surprise. 4 snow buntings were the visitors, and they did not stay long.

Forecast for tomorrow looks very good. Partly cloudy skies, temperatures up to 60, with a SSE wind 10-20 mph. Hopefully the second straight day of good weather with the coax the birds up north. Tomorrow is the first day of spring fling as well so hopefully its a good one for our visitors.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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