Friday, April 17, 2009

Holy Sandhill Cranes!

Another very busy day for the sandhill cranes, who nearly tripled their numbers from yesterday.

Weather: Partly cloudy, clear, with temperatures in the high 50s. Fairly strong wind from the SE tapered off as the day went on.

Waterbird Count: Sandhill cranes were by far the most numerous with 2,075 counted! Some other numbers for the day included 279 Canada geese, 99 mallards, 14 LT ducks, 8 common mergansers, 4 common loons, 4 common goldeneye, 4 red-necked grebes, 2 American widgeon, 2 double-crested cormorants, 1 great blue heron. We also had 22 unidentified dabblers, 13 unidentified ducks and 1 teal spp.

Other Sightings: We had 4 tundra swans fly just over the shack in a north easterly direction. According to Leonard an oddball for this time of the year. Aside from that it was very active day for the hawks as John's blog will no doubt confirm. Seemed everytime I looked up during breaks from the sandhills I saw a rough legged making its away across the bay. Some other firsts for me since starting here were a cooper's hawk and immature goshawk.

Forecast for tomorrow is overcast skies with temperatures in the mid 40s. Chance of rain 40%, with winds 10-20 mph from the E. Looks like I've run out of beautiful days for the time being.

Just found out from Chris that highest count of sandhills in a single day before today was around 1400

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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