Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rainy Day

There wasn't a whole lot happening on this cloudy (and occasionally rainy day), but you can only have so many beautiful days in a row.

WATERBIRD COUNT: The highlight for the waterbird count was an Upland Sandpiper, and aside from that the flight was rather sparse.

I spent the day covering for John on the hawk platform, where things were also a bit slow with only 8 raptors. However, this Ruby-throated Hummingbird seemed quite appreciative of John's addition of a feeder on the platform.

Elsewhere on the point, the Green Heron is still hanging around one of the ponds, and no sign of the Yellow-headed Blackbird that has been spotted the last few days. Looks like more rain tomorrow, but hopefully later in the week we'll get some more nice weather and more birds before the end of the season.

Andy N

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