Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Loons and a Piping Plover

The loons improved greatly their numbers from the yesterday, and we had a piping plover on the beach for most of the day.

Weather: Cloudy in the morning turned the sunny after a few hours. Temperatures in the mid 40s with winds starting from the W, shifting between the W and SW for a while. The second half of the count the wind shifted to the NW and effectively put a stop to waterfowl movement for the day.

Waterbird Count: 340 common loons, 58 red-throated loons. Also 40 sandhill cranes, 35 greater scaup, 27 RB mergansers, 8 lesser scaup, 7 scaup sp, 7 common mergansers, 4 RN grebes, 3 common goldeneye, 2 double-crested cormorants, 1 LT duck. Also 7 ducks with no ID, and 2 aythya sp.

Shorebirds: First piping plover of the season. This one was hanging out on the south side of the point just at the water line. It stuck around for a while before moving farther up the beach. It seemed quite content with itself and didn't mind the attention it recieved from our numerous weekend visitors.

Other Sightings: The beach was pretty quiet once the loon flight died down. Aside from the piping plover there wasn't much the last few hours of the count. Action over the jack pines included numerous kettling turkey vultures, some red-tail, broad-wing and rough-legged hawks and sharpies. John reported at least 4 golden eagles in the area, 2 of which flew right over head as I was packing up for the day.

Forecast for tomorrow is fantastic. Sunny skies all day, with temperatures up to 57. Winds from the SSE at 5-10 mph. I see no reason the loons can't keep up the good work and maybe we'll get some more diversity tomorrow as well.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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