Wednesday, May 27, 2009


2 Brant were spotted during the waterbird count today. The last spring waterbird count to record this species was in 2004; and they have been tallied in the official spring count only 3 times since 1984. The last hour of the count saw 137 Ring-billed Gulls making their way north. Phil was hoping to find an oddball among them but nothing turned up. We are optimistic about the evening flight tonight, I'll be sure to update the blog if anything interesting turns up.

Andy N

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to each of you who participate in this Blog. It's very informative to see the birds that inhabit our area. Those of us who try to attract birds to our 'viewing areas' follow you with a great deal of interest. So thank you from everyone who doesn't have time to let you know we are here and reading every word.