Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

Overall it was a good today to finish off the long weekend. There was some nice waterbird (3 species in the 100s) and shorebird activity, and warblers among the pines.

WEATHER: Sunny skies, temperatures once again into the 60s, with very light winds from various south directions (ESE, SE, S, SSW).

WATERBIRD COUNT: White-winged Scoters (180), Canada Geese (161), Red-breasted Mergansers (110) and Long-tailed Ducks (96) were the most numerous waterfowl for the day. Also Common Loon (27) and Red-throated Loon (19).

SHOREBIRDS: Dunlin (87), Whimbrel (73), Semipalmated Sandpiper (22), Black-bellied Plover (10).

GULLS: Bonaparte's Gull (112), Herring Gull (60) and Ring-billed Gull (10).

TERNS: Common Tern (44), Caspian Tern (1) and 16 tern sp.

OTHER SIGHTINGS: Warblers today; Blackburnian, Nashville, Chesnut-sided, Wilson's, Cape May, Magnolia. Elsewhere there was a Red-bellied Woodpecker on the merlin pole.

TOMMORROW: Well after so many beautiful days we were due for some rain eventually. Looks like it will come tomorrow in the afternoon (70% chance). It will be cloudy most of the day, with temperatures in the low 50s and ESE winds 10-20 mph. I'll actually be doing the hawk count tomorrow to give John a breather, hopefully the weather allows for a full day.

Andy N

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