Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flights Delayed

This picture of a frazzled, wind-swept Savannah Sparrow hunkered down next to the shack sums up the weekend nicely.

Today, not surprisingly, was very slow. WNW winds 20-30 mph killed the flight once again, though there are signs that things could pick up. I spotted a few large Long-Tailed Duck flocks and White-winged Scoter flocks, they just happened to be going the wrong way. As I mentioned on a previous day, these species are due for some big days, especially the scoters. Overall numbers are once again not worth mentioning, but there was another flock of Bonaparte's Gulls (46 total).

Forecast for tomorrow is a 60% chance of rain and temperatures into the mid 50s. Winds from the south at 20-30 mph. That could make for one doozy of a tail-wind, it will be interesting to see if the waterbirds take advantage, or spend another day doing whatever they do when they aren't migrating.

Andy N
Waterbird Counter

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