Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What would I write about if not for jaegers?

The morning greeted me with 20-25 mph winds blowing out of the SE and a dearth of birds on or near the point. As the day passed by the winds began to slow a bit and by the time I left this afternoon they were coming from the S/SW and rain was beginning to fall. The forecast tells me that I'll return to the point with strong W/NW winds tomorrow morning so hopefully all of the birds that have been stalled yesterday and today will be making their way south past the point then.

Among the birds that did pass by today the highlight was yet another jaeger, a light-phase adult, but given the great distance and behavior, the bird could not be identified between Parasitic and Pomarine. For the first time this year Canada Goose was the most common bird for the day with a whopping 27 while Red-necked Grebe came in second with 24 and Common Loon outpaced Common Tern 17 to 16 for third place. Duck numbers continued to be weak with a few teal and other dabblers struggling past through the day.

Shorebird diversity remained around 5 species with Sanderling still present in the largest numbers and a group of 6 American Golden-Plovers flying over being the most interesting. Much like the water the point's woods were also quiet today with a total of 8 warbler species seen including Pine and Wilson's but little else showing itself.

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