Thursday, September 9, 2010

More birds than colors in a rainbow

And when I say that I am being literal, we did eventually manage more total birds today than there were individual colors in the rainbow that showed to the south of us this morning. Though it did take some time to rack up 8 total birds, it did finally happen. My heavy sarcasm has likely led you all to infer that the large bird movement did NOT happen today, instead one of the slowest days of the year was in its place. Winds were strong to moderate out of the NW turning to the N by the afternoon with rain surrounding us though we remained dry on the point itself, seemingly good weather for a movement but I guess there was more going on than I could account for. Maybe tomorrow.

Highlight has to be used loosely for anything today but 2 Red-throated Loons would qualify as today's best birds with a Common Goldeneye vying for second place in the category. Among the most numerous were Red-necked Grebe (69), Common Tern (18), and Common Loon (12), those three species accounting for more than 85% of the total birds seen today.

Total shorebird numbers were slightly higher than the past few days thanks to 18 Sanderlings on the point this afternoon though diversity was no better with a Semipalmated Plover and a Least Sandpiper the only other species noted.

Passerines were just as poor with the woods deathly quiet this afternoon during my walk though two new birds for the fall did grace the point, 3 Horned Larks and a Lapland Longspur.

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Rick said...

Cheer up, it has to get better!