Saturday, September 4, 2010

Jaegers galore

Well today was one for the Whitefish Point record books, no less than 14 jaegers (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) were seen today with 13 during the count (including a group of 3) and 1 within the first hour after the count ended. Only two could be definitively identified as Parasitics though jizz and percentages suggest that all likely were. Given that this count has been performed for nearly 25 years and the previous record was 6 or 7 illustrates just how unique today was.

The uniqueness was not just confined to the jaegers as the weather this morning and afternoon was more suggestive of mid-October than early September with cool temps (40-50 degrees F all day), high winds (20-30 mph), and regular rain squalls off of the lake. The weather overnight included very high winds and torrential rain which downed trees and flooded the point itself creating a small lake where there was once just gravel. Tomorrow is suppose to be lighter winds and sunnier skies so hopefully all of those birds set down by this weather event will be gracing us with their presence.

A few other birds showed up in between jaeger sightings today topped by 1241 Red-necked Grebes, 262 Canada Geese, and 30 Common Loons. Small numbers of ducks continue to pass by with 4 Northern Pintails, 8 White-winged Scoters, and 2 dark-winged Scoters being the most notable among them.

Small numbers of Common Terns were again seen today with up to 11 feeding about the point during the count. A few shorebirds remained on the point despite the weather and included a Ruddy Turnstone, Semipalmated Sandpiper, and Baird's Sandpiper.

Very few other birds were seen given today's weather but at least a few raptors and warblers are still poking about on the point for the time being.


birdman538 said...

I'd kill for a Jaeger right now- especially a Pomarine (I can hear you laughing even though I'm 1000 miles away). At least I finally got my Pac-golden even if it was at Wilcox. Still looking for fall work- volunteering at a banding station right now but I need $$. Might try to make it up there for a visit sometime. Keep posting these (slightly) more interesting blogs, or rather, blogs of more interesting birds. Love the STP Jaeger shots too haha. you should trey getting some shots of the ones you're CURRENTLY seeing!

WPBO said...

Yeah you got me laughing, Pomarine isn't easy here but I already got the other two so I'll be looking for the sweep this fall. I got a couple bad pics (and one of them is up) but the things just fly too far from the shack to get a pic unless you digiscope. If you wanna get away for a few days let me know, I'll be here until mid-November. Its not as bad as St. Paul but it can be pretty nasty out on that lakeshore when the weather comes in.