Thursday, September 2, 2010

Finally a Canada Goose

While I realize the 6 Canada Geese that passed the point may not be that exciting I had been stunned by the fact that I had not seen one yet at the point so for the first time in a long time, I enjoyed when they came by. However, no other new birds for the fall passed by today under increasingly cloudy skies with light to moderate SE to S winds probably not helping matters much.

For the second straight day Common Tern was the most common migrant with 412 passing by while Red-necked Grebe held the #2 spot with 106 birds seen. Common Loon put on its best showing so far this fall and climbed into the #3 spot with a total of 103. Duck numbers were drastically reduced from yesterday with 4 American Wigeons, 17 Blue-winged Teal, and 25 Common Mergansers the only ones seen. Horned Grebes and Red-throated Loons continue in small numbers with 6 and 2 respectively.

Another jaeger passed by the point today which was almost assuredly an adult light-morph Parasitic but the distance and poor early morning light caused me to enter Jaeger Sp. on the taly sheet. Also passing through were 2 Sandhill Cranes midday, 4 Bonaparte's Gulls, and another Forster's Tern. Shorebird numbers were greatly reduced from yesterday with fewer than 15 birds of 6 species seen.

Overall land bird numbers were also much lower with numerous migrant warblers seen flying off the point during the morning and small numbers still hanging on in the woods. The only additional passerine species noted today were Blue-headed Vireo and American Pipit. Raptor numbers seemed to be higher today with multiple Northern Harriers, an Osprey, and a Bald Eagle all arriving off the lake.

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