Monday, June 7, 2010

Toodle Pip

Well it's time to bid you a very fond farewell. I've had a thoroughly smashing time and am hoping to return at some point next year so will hopefully see some of you then.
Thanks to everyone who's helped make my stay so enjoyable, whether keeping me company at the shack, having me round for dinner and drinks, taking me birding, or just generally being an
all-round good egg.

The 2010 Spring waterbird count at Whitefish Point totalled 19,395 individual birds. The five most abundant species were: Common Loon (3542), Long Tailed Duck (2996), Canada Goose (2645), Red Breasted Merganser (2688), Sandhill Crane (1316), and White-winged Scoter (1215). You can get the full write up in the WPBO newsletter The Migrant - please continue to support the observatory in whatever way you can.

Tata for now,

Both photos by K. Mettie Jr. - click on them to enlarge


Anonymous said...

Hi Mike, I've really enjoyed following all the Whitefish Point updates this season. Yours have been particularly enthusiastic and I'm wondering if you keep a regular blog of your birding adventures or have an email so we birders could keep in touch. I personally like to write stories and poems about my birding trips. Are you going to be doing the fall migration count at the Point? Julie

WPBO said...

Hi Julie, thanks very much for all your comments, i appreciate it. The plan is to apply for the Fall 2011 vacancy - I don't have a blog i'm afraid but it'd be great to hear some of your stories - my email is mjd4uk 'at'
And if you or anyone wants to see some great British birds like Atlantic Puffin, Lapwing, Red Kite etc., and visit some 900 year-old castles, me and my friend Alan Davies would love to guide you around.
All the very best,

markie said...

Ta-ta. No Brants huh? Keep well!