Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunday May 31st - Finishing with a bang

Well the last day of the count was a good one, fog at the start hampered the count but may have grounded a few migrants. 2 Franklins Gulls were swimming on the lake while feeding on floating insects, then a Saw Whet was seen flying in off the lake and landing on a log on the beach. Shortly after, a Pacific Loon went through. So not a bad way to end the season! Loons and Canada Geese were still going through in good numbers in fact. I'll be posting the season totals fairly soon, so stay tuned for a bit longer - i've got a feeling most species were below average, but we'll see.
Thanks to everyone who came to see me at the shack, it was always nice to have visitors. Thanks to Jason for standing in for me a couple of days and allowing me to have some time off, and a big thanks to Phil for helping out with the count for the last two weeks, it was nice to be able to dash off if a good bird was found nearby!

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