Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a bit like buses...

... you wait for ages then two turn up at the same time.
On Tuesday i was back at the shack having a busmans holiday, when i was approached by a couple who asked for directions to a site for Red Crossbills. Jerry told them of a good spot, and they went off to check it out. A bit later they stopped by the accomodation building and told Chris they'd just found a Kirtlands Warbler! A mad dash ensued (always lots of fun) and within 15 minutes we were watching the bird. It gave a great performance, singing away and approached to within about 10 feet at one point - a real stunner. The photo above is "digibinned"!

Great views were also obtained of the crossbills, then we had a team visit to Seney NWR where Chris was able to lure a calling Yellow Rail a little closer by tapping 2 pebbles together. We then finished the evening with a lovely dinner at the Ole Forest Inn, where the waitress reminded us of the actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. Some cocktails were imbibed before it was time to head back to the HQ - all in all a great day. Waterbird count totals to follow soon.


one of many said...

Awesome find! Was this right at the Point?

WPBO said...

Nope unfortunately not - in fact it wasn't even near the recording boundary of the Point, otherwise i guess a few Point listers would have been getting a call! I believe most folk have already seen one in the County too. Nonetheless, a great bird.
Cheers, Mike.