Thursday, June 3, 2010

5/30/10 - Bird-a-thon

Here's a view from the beach in the evening (it's zoomed in quite a bit).

Sunday was Bird-a-Thon day so we were up well before first light and down to Vermilion where Bittern, Sedge Wren and Olive Sided Flycatcher were all nailed on call. Crossbills showed well after sun up, with a Field Sparrow heard by Chris being a rare bird for the area. Next we tried a trail for Spruce Grouse, no joy but a Ruffed was photographed by Libby. Then out to the waterbird shack where Phil had been counting. A Yellow Rail had just been found by Tim Bearwald - 10 minutes later and i would have been on the spot as it ran by! No further sign despite extensive searching. A nice scattering of shorebirds along the beach included a Willet. Nice to see the Piping Plovers have started to lay a clutch of eggs. Finally tally around the 120 mark i believe - not bad on what was a fairly quiet day birdwise.

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