Thursday, September 6, 2007

6 September 2007


WEATHER: The winds were light-moderate out of the SW most of the day. Temperatures were warm, ranging from 20-25 Celsius. Skies were hazy/cloudy at the start but they eventually cleared to sunny skies. However, clouds came in the last two hours of the count.

WATERFOWL: During the first couple hours, several small flocks came through giving me the false impression that the rest of the day could be great! Things nearly came to a halt by the end of the count though. Species seen included 10+ AMERICAN WIGEON, 5+ MALLARD, 5+ BLUE-WINGED TEAL, a NORTHERN PINTAIL, and a GREEN-WINGED TEAL. A COMMON GOLDENEYE zoomed past the point in addition to 25+ COMMON LOONS, 1 RED-THROATED LOON, 30+ RED-NECKED GREBES, and even a couple HORNED GREBES.

SHOREBIRDS: There was low diversity today, only three species were seen. However, the recent waves out of the bay deposited a thick line of dead vegetation along the bay shore and SANDERLING (35+) were common throughout the day. Also tallied was a SEMIPALMATED PLOVER and a couple BAIRD'S SANDPIPER.

RAPTORS: The SW winds made it a decent day for raptors at the point. Some highlights included a PEREGRINE FALCON (pictured below) that buzzed the point for a little while, harassing some gulls. A juvenile NORTHERN GOSHAWK also came out and circled the point.

Other birds at the point today included a LAPLAND LONGSPUR, RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD, and several large flocks of BLUE JAYS and AMERICAN ROBINS. Although not out by the waterbird shack, a highlight for me was a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO that Chris Neri found inland.

The forecast for tomorrow is calling for more gusty south winds and rain. We'll see what drops in.

More tomorrow,
Cory Gregory
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