Monday, September 10, 2007

10 September 2007


WEATHER: Steady winds from the NE gave us cloudy skies and cooler temperatures (ranging from 12 to 18 Celsius). Visibility suffered due to the cooler air passing over the warmer water resulting in lots of "shimmering".

DUCKS & GEESE: It was a slow day and unlike yesterday, only a lone CANADA GOOSE was tallied! Most notable in this category were two adult male breeding plumaged BLACK SCOTERS swimming at very close range in the bay. A couple AMERICAN WIGEON, MALLARD, NORTHERN PINTAIL, and GREATER SCAUP were also seen.

LOONS & GREBES: Nearly 40 COMMON LOONS and 2 RED-THROATED LOONS passed by while 4+ HORNED GREBES passed by early in the day. Over 180 RED-NECKED GREBES were seen.

SHOREBIRDS: It was a slow day for shorebirds as well. A RUDDY TURNSTONE, several SANDERLING, and a couple BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS were seen.

JAEGERS/TERNS: A juvenile, light-morph PARASITIC JAEGER put on a show in the 4th hour. It was first seen harassing a gull at close range along the bay shore, near the shack, before it eventually circled around and headed back north. At one point, it looked as if the jaeger might land at the point.

Some other birds tallied from the shack included RUSTY BLACKBIRD, LAPLAND LONGSPUR, AMERICAN PIPIT, RUBY-THROATED HUMMINGBIRD, and SAVANNAH SPARROW. A couple notable misses today includes Common Tern and Bonaparte's Gull

It looks as if tomorrow will be chilly and rainy with west winds. Should be fun!

Cory Gregory
Waterbird Counter

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