Friday, September 14, 2007

14 September 2007

HIGHLIGHTS: I'm hard pressed to come up with anything as a highlight from today. I suppose a lone WOOD DUCK that made a quick appearance from the Net House Pond and a PEREGRINE FALCON were the only things of "excitement".

WEATHER: Although winds were out of the W and NW, not many birds passed by the point today. Skies were cloudy giving way to numerous rain showers today and temperatures were cool, ranging from 10-12 Celsius.

DUCKS & GEESE: Over 100 Canada Geese were seen, over 20 AMERICAN WIGEON, some MALLARDS, a NORTHERN PINTAIL, and a couple GREEN-WINGED TEAL were also tallied. Only around 10 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were seen.

LOONS & GREBES: Over 160 RED-NECKED GREBES were seen in addition to a single HORNED GREBE. 15+ COMMON LOONS and a couple RED-THROATED LOONS were also seen.

SHOREBIRDS: It was very slow in this department today. A couple AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS were seen in addition to the usual SANDERLING flock.

RAPTORS: It was a decent day for raptor diversity. MERLIN, PEREGRINE FALCON, AMERICAN KESTREL, RED-TAILED HAWK, NORTHERN HARRIER, BALD EAGLE, and SHARP-SHINNED HAWK were seen. In fact, the Merlin put on a show by chasing the Peregrine most of the day.

Not many other birds were seen from the point today but some of the ones that were seen... actually ended up INSIDE the waterbird shack! Since the west winds pushed nocturnal migrants out over the bay last night, this morning was full of struggling warblers trying to make it back to land. The local Merlins caught maybe 15-20 birds throughout the day. However, a couple times the chase would come to us and the passerine would seek shelter by diving into the shack! The first was a PALM WARBLER that escaped a Merlin and the second was a young LAPLAND LONGSPUR that escaped a chase by the PEREGRINE FALCON.

Although not a bird sighting, it was interesting to have an AMERICAN MINK checking the point out (see photo below). After deciding the rocks and sand wasn't where it wanted to be, it started back towards the trees.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is calling for moderate west winds and scattered rain.

Good Birding,
Cory Gregory
Waterbird Counter

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