Wednesday, September 5, 2007

5 September 2007


WEATHER: Very strong winds out of the south gave us cloudy skies and temperatures that ranged from 18-22 Celsius. Visibility was ok most of the count but there was a distant wall of fog off to the NE for a couple hours.

WATERFOWL: It was a very slow day, I suspect the south winds kept most things from moving. However, two small groups of CANADA GEESE came by in addition to a couple GADWALL, BLUE-WINGED TEAL, NORTHERN PINTAIL, and GREEN-WINGED TEAL. A couple WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were seen as well as 5+ RED-THROATED LOONS and 15 COMMON LOONS.

SHOREBIRDS: The highlight came around noon when two distant shorebirds, close over the water, came from the west out over the lake. The "ah-ha" moment came when they started landing on the water! Both birds would land for several seconds before taking off and flying some more. They repeated this, landing on the water maybe 5-6 times. I couldn't see precise details on these PHALAROPES but I could clearly see that they were NOT white-rumped. The other three species of shorebirds seen today were LEAST SANDPIPER, BAIRD'S SANDPIPER, and SANDERLING (about 30).

Some other birds at the point today included CLIFF SWALLOW, AMERICAN PIPIT, and a lone LAPLAND LONGSPUR (which gave us a rush considering the report of the Smith's Longspur yesterday).

More tomorrow!
Cory Gregory
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