Friday, August 20, 2010

On the bright side of things...

Well on the bright side today I stayed dry, and that about covers the bright side. From the start it looked pretty bleak and the birds just never got going today with strong southeasterly winds prevailing all morning long. A few brave souls attempted southern movements but the final tally was just over 100 Red-necked Grebes and less than 100 other birds with Common Tern (40), Common Loon (8), and Horned Grebe (8) topping the other list. The day's best bird was a Black Tern which passed by around noon, while only 11 ducks were counted for the day, with 6 Mallards being tops among them.

The point's shorebird flock seemed to have made good use of the night as only a few birds remained today with the only potential new arrivals being 4 Buff-breasted Sandpipers which could be a re-appearance of the same group as a few days ago.

Non-waterbird sightings were nearly as rare today though accipiters put on a good showing with a single Cooper's and 2 Sharp-shinned making passes of the point, several Northern Harriers came in off the lake mid-morning, a Cape May Warbler posed in the closest tree to the shack early on, and a very lost Ruby-throated Hummingbird made a pass by me on the point before quickly returning to the trees he left.

The forecast is for storms and western/northern winds so hopefully things will get going again soon.

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