Tuesday, August 31, 2010

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Adult light-phase Parasitic Jaeger from St. Paul Island, AK

Well after breaking my consecutive day streak of seeing jaegers yesterday I managed to start a whole new one today when an adult light-phase Parasitic Jaeger cruised past the point about 10 this morning. However, as was expected bird movement was light overall with strong south winds associated with the last of the high pressure system that has controlled our weather for the past week or so. Mercifully scattered cloud cover and the strong winds helped to mitigate the heat and humidity that had made afternoons so unpleasant lately.

Passage migrants were led by Red-necked Grebe (shocker!) with a still low count of 33, while 27 Common Terns placed them second and 8 Common Loons rounded out the top 3. Horned Grebes returned in small numbers with 6 scattered across the morning and a single Red-throated Loon in the late morning added a little spice to the count. Duck numbers remained low with 2 American Black Ducks being the only species of any note.

Shorebirds numbers and diversity remained similar with 15+ Sanderlings still pacing the point's sand and gravel shoreline while the peep count was made up of 1 Baird's, 1 Least, and 1 Semipalmated Sandpiper. A Lesser Yellowlegs made a pass overhead early this morning.

Most of the resident raptors made an appearance on the point today while a juvenile Peregrine Falcon that flew in mid-day was clearly a migrant. Passerine migrants were few and far between but the woods did produce a few Swainson's Thrushes, a House Wren, and 7 warbler species including a Black-throated Blue.

Tomorrow's forecast includes a cold front, west-to-northwest winds, and reduced temperatures, can't wait.

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