Saturday, August 21, 2010

Baird's Sandpipers galore

Well this day was all about the Baird's Sandpipers with several groups found along the beach to the south of the point that totaled about 100! birds in all. Also along the beaches were at least 16 Sanderlings and 7 Buff-breasted Sandpipers with smaller numbers of Semipalmated and Leasts. A fly-over Solitary Sandpiper in the afternoon was a first for the fall.

Waterbirds however had another slow day from the point with less than 100 migrants noted this morning. Red-necked Grebes still led the way at 19 but Horned Grebes weren't far behind at 11. Duck numbers were low as expected and Common Loon numbers dropped to 5 for the day.

Merlins continue to harass the points smaller birds while a Belted Kingfisher and Osprey livened up the scene a little bit as well.

The winds are shifting as we speak and the rain seems to be moving out so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for those at the shack.

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