Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7, 2009- Harlequin Duck

The rain ended just before the count started this morning and skies remained cloudy for the whole count. Winds started strong out of the NW and gradually decreased throughout the day.

Waterfowl: A good day. The highlight was a female-type Harlequin Duck that came down the shore during the 7th hour of the count. Movement of other species was very good this morning and slowed in the afternoon. The species with the most presence were Red-breasted Mergansers (422) and Red-necked Grebes (381). Scoters had a decent day with 65 White-winged and 11 Surf and loons had a modest day with 18 Commons and 4 Red-throated. Scaup numbers were way lower than yesterday (about 100) but a group of 7 Ring-necked Ducks was nice to see. Dabblers included a handful of Pintail, Wigeon, Mallard, Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, and American Black Duck.

Shorebirds: Zero.

Other: Not much could be detected from the treeline because of the wind. The highlight was probably 2 Merlins chasing each other over the shack.

Tom Prestby
Waterbird Counter

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dark and light said...

So I was wondering if you realized when I make comments on your posts that it's me(Cynthia). My blog profile is blocked so I'm guessing the answer is no. Keep up the good work Tom and call those rare birds to the shore for the weekend we come to visit in late October!