Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, 2009

The sun was out at times today which made things feel a lot different than the past few days. The temp almost reached 50 and winds were light out of the north.

Waterfowl: We had to have a slow day eventually after the past week of good waterbird movements. Well, today was that day. Long-tailed Ducks were the most common species with 48 seen. Red-breasted Mergansers, Common Loons, Red-necked and Horned Grebes, and Common Goldeneye moved by in small numbers. Black Scoter was once again the most common scoter with 10 to only 9 White-wingeds.

Shorebirds: An OK day with 4 Dunlin and 3 Wilson's Snipe.

Other: There was a nice movement of Rough-legged Hawks this afternoon with 8 seen. A Northern Shrike (a different bird than the one banded earlier this week) spent a few minutes on the merlin pole. Snow Buntings continue to increase-- upwards of 200 were seen today.

Tom Prestby
Waterbird Counter

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