Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10, 2009

The weather was shifting again today with winds moderate out of the SW. Partly sunny skies turned cloudy and rain and the first snow of the season started just before the end of the count.

Waterfowl: Another good movement, especially scaup. About 2000 Scaup/Aythya migrated by today as well as a decent number of Red-breasted Mergansers (309). Mallard were the most common dabbler with 62 and Wigeon, Shoveler, Pintail, and Green-winged Teal also put in appearances. Scoters, loons, and grebes all had a slow but steady day.

Shorebirds: A late Semipalmated Plover was the highlight and a Golden Plover was seen.

Gulls/Terns: One Bonaparte's Gull was the only non- Herring/Ring-billed.

Other: Most interesting was a swallow that ripped in off the lake as soon as the rain and snow started. It came by very close but it was so fast that nobody got a good look at it. With the naked eye it was clear that the bird was either a Cliff or Cave Swallow. Red and White-winged Crossbills were both seen in groups flying between the treeline and shack.

Tom Prestby
Waterbird Counter

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