Sunday, November 4, 2007

4 November 2007


WEATHER: It was an eerie morning; there wasn't a hint of wind when all of a sudden, a south wind kicked up and remained medium strength for most of the day. Skies were partly cloudy most of the day and only once did it sprinkle for a couple seconds. It was the coolest morning we've had so far, it was 0 Celsius at the start of the day but it eventually reached 10 Celsius.

OVERALL MOVEMENT: It was very slow today (a trend that will become more evident as the season wraps to an end in a couple weeks). Just over 100 migrant birds were seen total. No species was seen every hour but Red-breasted Merganser came the closest, seen 6 of the 8 hours. The most numerous species was Red-breasted Merganser 50+ seen.

DUCKS & GEESE: The only dabblers seen today were 2 distant "dabbler species". About 15 AYTHYA passed by which included mostly GREATER SCAUP. Scoter numbers were thin; only 1 WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and 1 BLACK SCOTER were seen. Otherwise, LONG-TAILED DUCK (35+), COMMON GOLDENEYE (10+), BUFFLEHEAD (5+), COMMON MERGANSER (15+), and RED-BREASTED MERGANSER (50+) were seen.

LOONS & GREBES: Seven COMMON LOONS were seen whereas Red-throated Loons were missed today. Over 5 RED-NECKED GREBES and 7 HORNED GREBES were also seen.

RAPTORS: A MERLIN, NORTHERN HARRIER, and several ROUGH-LEGGED HAWKS were seen coming in off the lake today.

The tip remains a good spot to have PINE GROSBEAK, EVENING GROSBEAK, RED CROSSBILL, and BOHEMIAN WAXWING (30+). Some other species seen included SNOW BUNTING, AMERICAN TREE SPARROW, HORNED LARK (2), and COMMON REDPOLL.

WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW: Rain is likely tomorrow along with moderate south winds and temperatures reaching 43 F. Bring your rain coat!

Thanks for checking in!

Cory Gregory

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