Thursday, November 1, 2007

1 November 2007

Highlights: HARLEQUIN DUCK (1)

WEATHER: It was a chilly start to the day with a temperature around 4 Celsius and gale-force winds out of the NW. Although the winds stayed out of the NW, the winds slowly weakened and the temperatures slowly rose t0 6 Celsius. One or two snow flakes were seen.

OVERALL MOVEMENT: The winds out of the northwest helped a couple species today, especially Common Goldeneye. Over 500 migrant birds were seen total. Notable absences included Red-throated Loon, Horned Grebe, and any dabblers. One species was seen every hour: Red-necked Grebe. The most numerous species was Common Goldeneye with 280+ seen.

DUCKS & GEESE: No dabblers were seen today. A female or juvenile type HARLEQUIN DUCK flew past the point during the 5th hour. Once reaching the point, it circled twice and then continued to the south. A few AYTHYA passed by in the third hour while 1 WHITE-WINGED SCOTER and 1 SURF SCOTER were counted. Otherwise, 90+ LONG-TAILED DUCKS, over 280 COMMON GOLDENEYES, 80+ BUFFLEHEAD, and 200+ RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen.

LOONS & GREBES: Five COMMON LOONS and 35+ RED-NECKED GREBES were counted. Red-throated Loon and Horned Grebe were not seen.

RAPTORS: The only hawks seen today were a couple RED-TAILED HAWKS and NORTHERN GOSHAWKS.

The songbird diversity was low from the waterbird shack today. Species seen were SAVANNAH SPARROW, SNOW BUNTING, AMERICAN TREE SPARROW, COMMON RAVEN, and COMMON REDPOLL.

WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW: Mostly sunny, a high near 52, and a breezy south wind.

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