Tuesday, November 13, 2007

13 November 2007


WEATHER: I knew it couldn't be true and in fact, it WASN'T sunny today like they forecasted! Skies were cloudy, visibility was good, and winds were strong out of the SW. The temperature ranged from 4-11 Celsius. Late in the count, blowing sand became a problem as a gale kicked up out of the SW.

OVERALL MOVEMENT: Today seemed very average and actually, the total number of migrants seen today was within 5 of yesterdays total; about 260 birds. No species was seen every hour but Red-breasted Merganser and Red-necked Grebe came the closest; seen 5 of the 8 hours. The most numerous species was Bufflehead with 79 counted.

DUCKS & GEESE: A nice flock of 20+ SCAUP passed by during the 2nd hour. Only 4 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS passed by along with a BLACK SCOTER. Otherwise, COMMON GOLDENEYE (20+), BUFFLEHEAD (79), and LONG-TAILED DUCK (6) were counted. About 50 RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS were seen while only a few COMMON MERGANSERS were tallied.

LOONS & GREBES: Three COMMON LOONS and 1 RED-THROATED LOON passed by while over 10 RED-NECKED GREBES were counted.

SHOREBIRDS: A PURPLE SANDPIPER buzzed along the shore in the second hour (about 9:25 AM). It was heading NW along the beach before it seemingly headed due north over the lake. It was not refound or relocated.

RAPTORS: With the southwest winds again today, a few raptors were seen. Species included BALD EAGLE (1), RED-TAILED HAWK (2), SHARP-SHINNED HAWK (1), and NORTHERN GOSHAWK (1 juvenile).

Some of the other species seen from the waterbird shack included PINE GROSBEAK, SNOW BUNTING, COMMON REDPOLL, COMMON RAVEN, and RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD.

WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW: Skies are suppose to be cloudy, winds will be strong out of the west, and temperatures might reach the upper 40's F.

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Cory Gregory

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