Saturday, October 20, 2007

20 October 2007


WEATHER: The day started out rather rainy and cloudy with a moderate wind out of the west. Later in the day, the skies cleared while the wind remained out of the west. Visibility was very limited at times. Temperatures ranged from 11-13 Celsius.

OVERALL MOVEMENT: Compared to yesterday, today was rather active. Today showed a bit more diversity with ducks, boosted overall numbers, and we even had some shorebirds! Three waterbird species were seen every hour of the count: Red-necked Grebe, Long-tailed Duck, and Surf Scoter. The most numerous species today was Long-tailed Duck.

DUCKS & GEESE: Making a reappearance after a multiple-day absence, CANADA GEESE were seen (5). Also seen were GADWALL, AMERICAN WIGEON (60), MALLARD, and GREEN-WINGED TEAL. A couple REDHEAD were tallied in addition to several SCAUP flocks. Nearly 30 SURF SCOTERS and 28 WHITE-WINGED SCOTERS were seen while 12 BLACK SCOTERS were also counted. It was a better day for LONG-TAILED DUCKS with over 500 counted. Also seen were COMMON GOLDENEYE and RED-BREASTED MERGANSER.

LOONS & GREBES: About 25 COMMON LOONS and 3 RED-THROATED LOONS passed by while 90 RED-NECKED GREBES and 6 HORNED GREBES were also seen.

SHOREBIRDS: Up to 7 SANDERLINGS were counted in addition to a single AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER.

TERNS/GULLS: A winter-plumaged FORSTER'S TERN was seen in the 3rd hour straight off the point. Four BONAPARTE'S GULLS also were counted today.

RAPTORS: Out in force this morning, up to 25 RED-TAILED HAWKS were present including a dark juvenile "Western" Red-tailed Hawk (B. j. calurus). Also seen were NORTHERN GOSHAWK, MERLIN, and BALD EAGLE.

Some other species seen from the waterbird shack included SNOW BUNTING, RUSTY BLACKBIRD, LAPLAND LONGSPUR, VESPER SPARROW, AMERICAN PIPIT, and a flock of 8 MOURNING DOVES.

WEATHER FORECAST FOR TOMORROW: Party sunny with a light south wind.

Good Birding,
Cory Gregory

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