Wednesday, October 10, 2007

10 October 2007


WEATHER: The forecast was right, today was almost constant rain! Winds were moderate out of the N and NE and temperatures were cooler, 9-11 Celsius. However, visibility was never terrible if you were able to keep your optics dry.

DUCKS & GEESE: Numbers were very low today in every category. Over 140 CANADA GEESE came by along with a few species like NORTHERN PINTAIL, GREEN-WINGED TEAL, and REDHEAD. All three scoter species were seen though; SURF SCOTER, WHITE-WINGED SCOTER, and BLACK SCOTER (1) were tallied. Over 30 LONG-TAILED DUCKS were counted in addition to 20+ RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS and 2 male HOODED MERGANSERS.

LOONS & GREBES: Loon numbers were very thin today as well, less than 20 COMMON LOONS were counted and only a single RED-THROATED LOON was seen. RED-NECKED GREBE numbers continue to thin as well, less than 10 were seen migrating past the point. However, HORNED GREBES seem to be peaking as over 25 were counted swimming in the bay at one time.

CRANES: Three SANDHILL CRANES flew over during the 7th hour.

SHOREBIRDS: Shorebirds were hard to come by today as well; only a single BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER and a single SANDERLING were tallied.

GULLS: Long overdue for this fall, we had our first GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL at the point today. No Bonaparte's Gulls, jaegers, or terns were seen today.

Some of the other species recorded from the waterbird shack today included AMERICAN TREE-SPARROW, several PEREGINRE FALCONS, MERLIN, and the usual AMERICAN PIPITS/HORNED LARKS/LAPLAND LONGSPURS.

I forgot to note in yesterdays blog, a BARN SWALLOW was seen yesterday, the 9th of October.

The weather forecast for tomorrow is calling for very breezy winds out of the north and temperatures reaching 9 Celsius.

Thanks for checking in!

Cory Gregory
Waterbird Counter

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