Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 28, 2009

It was a cloudy day with occasional showers and light winds out of the SE.

Waterfowl: A very slow day. Only 32 Red-necked Grebes, 4 Common Loons, 2 Bufflehead, and 1 Horned Grebe for divers. One flock of dabblers included 7 Shovelers, a Wigeon and an American Black Duck. Perhaps the most interesting sighting was a group of 155 Canada Geese migrating south.

Shorebirds: A slow day for them too. The highlight was 2 American Golden Plovers that flew in during the 7th hour. Both birds still had a lot of alternate plumage. Other shorebirds included a standard mix of Sanderlings, peeps, and a couple Semipalmated Plovers.

Other: Chris reported an excellent morning for warblers in the woods. See his sightings blog for details. I watched a Merlin eat an unlucky Nashville Warbler on the Merlin pole but the highlight was a Peregrine Falcon that landed within 30 feet of the waterbird shack. Unfortunately my camera was out of reach but Chris got stunning photos (see the sightings blog for a photo). I was able to get a more distant photo when the bird flew to the tip--

Tom Prestby
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