Monday, August 24, 2009

August 24, 2009

It was a gorgeous day out on the point-- temps were in the upper 70's and winds were light.

Waterfowl: A pretty slow day. 372 Red-necked Grebes passed by, almost all of which were during the first 3 hours of the count. 12 Common Loons were seen and a few dabblers including a few Blue-winged Teal and the first Gadwall of the season.

Gulls/Terns: 2 juvenile Bonapartes Gulls hung out at the tip and 14 Common Terns flew by.

Shorebirds: A Whimbrel was present early (possibly the same bird as yesterday) and the Piping Plover remains. The peep flock was smaller than normal-- including a few Semipalmated Sandpipers and a few Baird's Sandpipers. One of the Baird's posed for pictures-- bee below.

Other: It was a decent day for warblers with high numbers of Palms and Yellow-rumpeds but not much else. 3 Red-winged Blackbirds came in off the lake.
Tom Prestby
Waterbird Counter

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