Saturday, October 4, 2008

WEATHER: Cool, and partly sunny with light northerly winds.

WATERFOWL:Slow. All three Scoter species went past the tip today, along with a few Long-tailed Ducks.

SHOREBIRDS: 2 Am. Golden-Plovers, and 4 Sanderlings.

JAEGERS, GULLS: What was probably yesterday's juvenile Parasitic Jaeger, buzzed the point again today in the afternoon. At one point it chased a RB Gull 30 feet over the Shack! A 1st winter Great Black-backed flew south today as well.

OTHER BIRDS: Early in the morning, Craig Bateman picked up a Long-eared Owl in flight over the lake, which eventually landed in the trees, where it was seen for sometime. Check out the sightings blog for pictures of it. Also, throughout the day, at least 3 different Black-backed Woodpeckers were seen on the Merlin Pole.

The forecast for tomorrow is calling for east winds and sun.

Good Birding,
Tim Baerwald
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