Sunday, October 26, 2008

WEATHER: Cloudy and cool, with intermittent rain shows and light winds that started out of the southwest, then slowly shifted to the west.

WATERFOWL: A light flight. Highlights were, 35 White-winged and 2 Black Scoters, 34 Bufflehead, 517 RB Mergansers, 1 Mallard, and 37 RN Grebes.

SHOREBIRDS: One Dunlin, and 1 Sanderling.

OTHERBIRDS: Ken Mettie Jr. found a CATTLE EGRET tucked in the gull flock at the harbor this morning, this is only the third point record, and second latest fall record.

The forecast for tomorrow is calling for cloudy skies, rain and snow showers and 25 mph winds!

Good Birding,
Tim Baerwald
Waterbird Counter

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Bill said...


I watch your reports closely.

Mr. Mettie's picture of the cattle egret was stunning and inspired me to post a comment to congratulate him on his good fortune.

Thanks for your work, time and effort.