Sunday, August 31, 2008

Highlights: Jaegers

WEATHER: Another pleasant day at the point. Sunny, with 10-15mph winds out of the south, and temps in the upper 70's.

WATERFOWL: A handful of Red-necked Grebes,and 3 Horned Grebes was just about it.

SHOREBIRDS: Low numbers, only 3 Baird's, 2 Least, 1 Semipalmated Plover, and 7 Sanderlings.

JAEGERS; Three Jaegers where seen today. At dawn I had a adult Jaeger fly around the tip and into the bay, where it landed on the water and I lost it. Just before 9:00, a juvenal light morph, LONG-TAILED JAEGER came flying down the shoreline. Just before the double stacked logs it turned offshore and headed out into the lake, and then turned, and flew north back up the shoreline and I lost it. In the 4th hour a intermediate type juvenal was seen well offshore working its way south.

WEATHER; Things are supposed to hold steady for the next couple days, before a front comes through later in the week.

Good Birding,

Tim Baerwald
Waterbird Counter

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Phil Chaon said...


I haven´t seen a waterbird of any kind in like 2 weeks. Kind of sad to say I miss Herring Gulls haha. Closest so far to a watebird is Torrent Tyrannulet. Things are pretty killer here only left Bellavista once for a half day so far 130 lifers including WF Nunbird and stuff. Will put a species list on FB eventually soonish.