Saturday, August 23, 2008

August 23, 2008

WEATHER: The day started off with South winds and gray skies, then the front hit with West winds, and thunderstorms. by early afternoon the winds had shifted to the NW and the sun had come out.

WATERBIRDS: Slow early on, but in the last couple hours of the count things picked up, and I ended the day with 118 RN Grebes, 84 BW Teal, 8 GW Teal, and 1 Black Duck.

SHOREBIRDS: once agian shorebirds where the highlight for today, for with Buff-breasted, Baird's, Semipalmated, Least, Spotted, Solitary Sandpipers, and 1 Lesser Yellowlegs. The Piping Plover was once again hanging around the tip.

Other birds around the Waterbird Shack included a Northern Goshawk, 3 Bald Eagles, Nashville, BTG, and Tennessee Warblers.

Northwinds tomorrow!

Tim Baerwald
Waterbird Counter

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