Thursday, May 27, 2010


A Laughing Gull flew over this morning, chuckling away which helped us to pick it up as it headed SE into the bay - unfortunately it just kept on going. This could be the same bird which Phil had 2 days ago, or could be a new bird. Canada Geese kept on going through, with a whopping 673 birds today. Loons made a slight comeback with 53, including 9 Red Throated. Five Swan sp looked large, heavy and long necked and were probably either Mute or Trumpeter but were too distant to ID. Black Bellied Plover put in a good showing with 34. And don't forget, there's still time to send in your pledges for the WPBO Bird-a-thon!


The Owl Ranch said...

Hi Mike,

The NMU class had a Laughing Gull as well at the bottom of the Keweenaw Bay that evening we left the Mnt- same night Phil had his. Intriging all the Laugher sightings.

WPBO said...

Hi Skye, that's v interesting - Tuesday i guess. Wonder how many birds are involved.