Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another good loon day, starting off slowly which made me start to think that they need more headwind to give them some lift. But gradually a respectable passage built up, and there were more Red Throated than ever - 43 of them positively ID'd, which with 105 Commons and 59 un ID'd makes a grand total of 207 i believe. The general passage was occurring to the left (northwest) of the point with a large proportion quite distant, perhaps the light winds meaning that they didn't need to hug the shoreline quite so closely? A Common was on the water again for part of the day, and for the last half of yesterday a Red Throated was too - a rare sight in this part of the world i understand. I guess i'm spoilt, as i used to live in a village called Llanfairfechan and they could be seen offshore all the time between fall and spring. A Caspian Tern was picked out on call as it flew past by Chris, who also chased a mystery bird which turned into a Palm Warbler. Bonapartes Gulls are beginning to go through, with 7 yesterday looking rather tern-like when initially seen through bins before the ID was nailed in the scope. They gradually came closer and gave reasonable views. It was nice to see and hear lots of songbirds on the move today, with lots of chirps and tsips overhead going frustratingly un ID'd. But i'm learning a couple of new calls every day which is encouraging, and it's nice to see these southerly winds bringing lots of birds in, with lots of hawks too including a Peregrine high and fast following the shoreline NE without slowing down!
After my last blog i went for a stroll from the HQ and had another Ruffed Grouse not far from the road which didn't seem bothered by my proximity.

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