Thursday, November 5, 2009

November 5, 2009

Chris covered the count today on my day off. It was mostly cloudy and chilly with occasional snow squalls and a brisk wind. There were decent numbers of Bufflehead and Goldeneye but otherwise it was pretty slow. The exciting news of the day is that a Glaucous Gull has joined the begging Ring-billeds and Herrings at the shack. Chris said that it prefers pretzels over the other snacks we have available for the gulls. He got some excellent photos of it which can be seen on his sightings blog.

I spent my day playing with my new camera and had some real good luck with a few birds at the harbor. This Red-necked Grebe was hanging out near the boat launch:

And this Snow Bunting was one of about a dozen feeding in the grassy areas of the parking area:

Tom Prestby
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