Wednesday, September 17, 2008

September 17, 2008

Highlights; Parasitic Jaeger, Sabine's Gull, Western kingbird.

WEATHER: Another nice day, sunny, warm with a light NW wind.

WATERFOWL: Slower then yesterday, with just a trickle of birds.

SHOREBIRDS: Shorebirds continue to trickle through, with 5 Baird's Sandpipers, 1 BB Plover, and 1 Am. Golden Plover were the highlights.

Left: Am. Golden Plover. Right: BB Plover.

JAEGERS, GULLS:1 adult Parasitic Jaeger buzzed the tip a couple times in the first hour, eventually getting a meal from a RB Gull. In the 5th hour we picked up a dark morph Jaeger species, that procedded to chase down an adult Jaeger and headed south. In the 8th hour, Chris pulled out the first Sabine's Gull of the season in with a small flock of Bonaparte's Gulls .

OTHER BIRDS: Chris found a Western Kingbird near the hawkwatch dune, that eventually made its way down to the beach, and was seen off and on throughout the afternoon working the tree line.
The forecast for tomorrow is calling for SE winds and lots of sun.

Good Birding,

Tim Baerwald
Waterbird Counter

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